Tradition and enthusiasm

Zudugarai keeps the essence and nature for Txakoli
Txakoli Zudugarai its a family business vineyard, where the effort and dedication of three generations always linked to txakoli production converge. Our family directlly control every process, from the selection of the grapes, to the cellars storage. We aim to produce an authentic wine, following tradition and using the lates technologies.
Txakoli Zudugarai

Blowing in the wind

Txakoli it's the name for the Gipuzkoan Coast typical wine
Txakoli Zudugarai's main target its producing a high quality wine. With an unique character, linked to basque traditions and to the land, and always using local grapes as Hondarrabi Zuri (white) and Hondarrabi Beltza (red). Harvested in the optimal conditions and always linked to local tradition. Processed with the latest technologies and attending to the maximum cares. Improving our txakoli wines, but always linked to tradition.

Over time

A century's history
During the centuries XV and XVI txakoli winery gets developed. This authentic Basque wine always has been linked to the sea, not only for the orientation of its vineyards, also for beeing a wine exported by sailormen worldwide.
Sailing in the Basque Country it's a real antique tradition.
During the end of XIX century our vineyards suffer form several plagues (Flioxera and Mildiu).
But its during the 80's, last century XX, when our family bussines starts to grow up as a modern company. By that time. Zugarai and other local winerys start to develop the Denomination of Orign of Gipuzkoam Txakoli,