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Relax and feel the freshness that Txakoli leaves on the palate
Our txakoli is well known for it's fruity fresh flavour. The sparkle that brings in the precise moment that falls into your mouth, goes across your throat, for setteling placidly on your stomach. An unique sensation for an "unique" Txakoli.
Txakoli Zudugarai

The esence of our Txakolis

We bring that unique sensation our clients are looking for
Zugarai keeps the esence and perosnality of txakoli.

Txakoli Zudugarai's its a family runned bussines, where the effort and dedication of three generations linked to txakoli converge. Zudugarai directlly controls every process of elaboration, not only in it's cellars, but also harvesting the grapes on in its vineyards. We assimilate the latest technologies in a traditional way for elaborating txakoli, in order to produce an original wine.

Our Txakoli

The only one txakoli vineyard located within a natural park in the Basque Country
Along the Gipuzkoan coast, the hondarrabi zuri grape (white) and hondarrabi beltza grape (red), rise above the humid ground, that grants Txakoli Zudugarai with a perfect coolness and its noticiable minerality. Perfect freshness, with a juicy start, citric and filled with a salty end. The Basque pleasure.


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