Zudugarai Rosé Txakoli

Prepared with Hondarrabi Beltza grape.

Visual Phase: Fresh, with sea salty fragances, that melt with wild fruits, smoke and spices.

Nose Phase: Fresh, with sea fragances. Apple and citric.

Taste Phase: Deep and elegant taste. With ripe cherry, strawberry and spices. Juicy and citric. Balanced acidity, light like the ocean.

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Rosé Zudugarai Txakoli, young, natural needle. Fine nose and with a light salty fragance, with a mineral sensation,Sparkly, fresh and exciting.

Salmon pink color, with a red fruits hue, smoke and spices. Textured palate and enhaced with ripe cherry. With notes of wild fruits and spices and also the typical cytric note of Hondarrabi grape. Balanced acidity,fine and juicy. Penetrating flavour light like the sea.

It pairs well with cheese, rice. chicken, white meat and fish.


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